Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

I got my period urge to write a blog post.  A successful cross season is in the books and it's time for some skiing.  I've made it out a couple of times on skate skis to remind me I still suck, but I still like it.  However, any thoughts of being good enough to have fun racing are still in the distant future.

I have been out on a number of good backcountry tours and got the year off to a good start with Tim and Mike on New Year's Day. They guided me around all day on this route.

The highlight was conditions allowed us to ski the Hallway Couloir.  This was my first difficult to find, true chute and it was great fun.  A real confidence builder.  If you look close, you can see our tracks.

Here's Mike then Tim in the chute.

Surprisingly, the best snow of the day was the exit out from Cardiff peak. All in all a fantastic way to begin the new year.  Looking forward to more to come.  Tanner's work and school schedule will now allow some touring with his dad, so it will just get better.