Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crit Crossing

Did the Ogden Crit Cross last night. I had a good time and the course was kind of fun. It was in downtown Ogden and included pavement, a parking garage, grass, sidewalk, an isle in the outdoor amphitheater, a detour through a wood-chip playground and darkness. Lots of turns and only about 2:30 per lap.

I raced in the small A group and battled Kevin for the win in the "guys that don't race Pro MTB" subcategory. We were back and forth all race and it looked like we'd end in a sprint. However, on the last lap I hit the curb hard coming out of the playground and flatted. I got the run in for 8th place. The good news is they paid 1st, 2nd and 8th.

I've now completed two cross races and flatted two tubulars. Not a good ratio so far.

Chrispy and Bart rode together the entire race and Bart ended up winning. I was only lapped once by them, so I felt pretty good about my effort. It was good to see MK and Bob at the race. I haven't seen MK since cross Nationals last year.

Tanner and Doug did the B race and did well. Tanner was about 7th in a really good group.

We're off to race crits today. I'm signed up for two races. We'll see if I do them both.


Lone-li-Road said...

Wow! That sucks about the Tubulars!! At least you still completed the races though.

MK said...

Get your flats out of the way pre-utah cx series! Great to see you DC. See ya this weekend. Should be a fun season!