Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Almost Here

Only a few more days and we get to do this:

I'm a little jealous of the locals who have been racing the GP's in Washington and Wisconsin. Congrats to Ali and the others on some solid results.
The training's been going well and I should be able to go hard. Maybe not fast, but hard. Chrispy's been helping me get ready and for the first time all year, I feel good.
I'm thinking of doing a few doubles early in the season. With the new schedule, I can race 45+ early then the 35+ A later. Sounds like some serious suffering but fun in a twisted way. Could pay off in the long run. I'll like give it a try this week and see how it goes. Is that completely crazy?
Might even be some rain with weekend. At least cooler temps will be nice.


Anonymous said...

Did you qualify for nationals last year doing only utcx or did you race other races?

Daren said...

For cross nationals you don't have to qualify, just have a license and register. This year for the Masters races the call ups are based on order of registration as in the past but also based on your license category. So all the Cat 1's will be called up first based on registration order, then all the Cat 2's on based on registration order, etc. The top 8 or 10 from the prior year get first row as in the past.

You can get upgraded based on UTCX series since there's so few USA cycling events. Registration opens in Mid-October for Nationals, so if you have results from last year and want to upgrade, I'd submit an upgrade request now.

All that being said, even starting from the back the experience is pretty cool. There is also a B race the first day that is not an offical National Championship race but a lot of fun.