Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doing What I Should

I picked up a good old fashioned head cold a few days ago. (I'm sure the fine air quality has had nothing to do with that.) Head colds always present a dilemma for me. I feel tired and have a ton of congestion, but I'm not completely wiped out. Accordingly, I have a constant battle with myself over how much or how little I should be doing.

I know the smart thing to do is to just rest and get fully recovered before attempting anything physical. However, 47 years of living with myself has taught me I'm completely incapable of doing nothing. It's a fundamental part of my makeup and usually serves me well. As The Resource User likes to say, "You're always ridiculously productive, knock it off". However, when it get sick, this personality trait is a huge problem.

So here's the options I have before me this morning:
  • Two offers for ski touring.
  • Two different Canyon team group rides.
  • The Bash winter Tri at Soldier Hollow.
  • A nice XC skate session at Mt. Dell out of the bad air.
  • Knocking off some of the projects around the house The Lifegiver has for me. (As an aside, my daughter made T-shirts a year ago with the following names on them: mine - "Fun Enabler", JoAnn's - "Life Giver", and Tanner's - "Resource User".)
  • Go to Snowbasin with my brother and watch the Dew Tour.
  • Begin working on the 8 bikes in my basement the Resource User and I ride that are crying for some love.
  • Prepare tomorrow's Sunday School lesson I was asked to teach late last night when the regular teacher had an emergency come up.
  • Organize my workbench/bike shop in the garage.
  • And finally, lie around all day reading, watching TV, wringing my hands over not doing anything productive and resting.
At this point, I've convinced myself the last option is my choice for the day. We'll see how long it lasts. At least the crappy valley weather makes the choice a bit easier. If the weather were nice in the valley, I'm sure failure to rest would be certain.


StupidBike said...

I am a master at lying around doing nothing, some day you may be able to be my apprentice.

Daren said...

I would appreciate lessons from a Grand Master. I failed to rest all day. I ended up working on my MTB for a few hours. I'm hopeless.