Sunday, April 04, 2010

Good couple of Days

Friday was a day off work for me due to Good Friday (it was a VERY good friday).  It started early with a dawn patrol in what turned out to be nearly perfect conditions. Doug and Mark have documented the epic sking, but here's a few more pictures just for confirmation.

Mike and Mark heading up

Face shots were the order of the day

I'm getting the goods


Is it vain to keep looking at your tracks?

After the skiing, I headed south to meet up with Tanner for a quick lap on the ICUP Hurricane course.  I didn't race Hurricane last year and the course was changed from 2008.  The changes make the course into one of my new favorites. Good, technical desert riding.  I was reminded yet again that there's no where else I'd rather live.  Epic powder in the morning, classic desert riding in the afternoon.

I had no idea what the race would hold for me.  3.5 hours of hking and sking beginning at 6 am the day prior to a race probably isn't on any coach's training plan.  However, it turned out to be a good plan for me.  I ended up with my best MTB result in a couple years.  Go figure.

Today, I'm home for Easter with my all my children.  I'll take more weekends like this. 


UtRider said...

I think that you are discovering what Bart and Alex G. have been saying for a while: You don't need to ride a bike all winter to be fast. You, Mark A., Alex O., Mike H., etc. are all great examples of this too.

Hopefully you can accommodate a newbie on some tours next season. I need more powder in my life!

Ski Bike Junkie said...

"I don't care how bad I do in the race tomorrow, this is worth it."

And then you finish on the podium. Nice.

StupidBike said...

I am fairly certain the key to success in any area of life is to have a devil may care attitude and the measure of success is not where I finish, but how I do on the journey.

Everything else is HFC icing.

StupidBike said...

and nice race btw, i think, maybe, if I didn't blow the start (straight into the boulder drop) I may have been a few minutes ahead of my time, having someone to draft off/work with woulda been nice.

That's my story, I'm stickin to it.

Daren said...

Bob, thanks for falling back, I need all the help I can get.

Mark, you are more than welcome next year. I was the newbie this year.