Sunday, May 03, 2009

More Fatherly Boasting

Yesterday was a good day for my kids.

Erin (picture # 8)


Won the 19 - 29 Expert at the 5 Mile Pass cross/MTB race. He had the fastest expert time by a comfortable margin. (Sorry Bob, but the skinny 16 year old put 2 minutes on you.) He also just scored in the 92nd percentile nationally on the ACT.


One of her art projects was prominently displayed in USU's fine arts building for finals week. She has the most creative talent in the family. She's also on the Dean's list again this semester.

A bunch of over-achievers I'm fortunate to call my own.

OK, I'll stop bragging and go back to regular boring posts about me starting tomorrow.


StupidBike said...

i think i got about 10,000 more gray hairs, thanks, oh, but i didn't lock my keys in my car, so i win.

Daren said...

Not only locked keys but lots of mud inside. It's Mom's car to drive daily and she's not too happy with the boy. You probably do win.