Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sick and tired

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. Did the ARMR ride with the boys last night and felt OK. However, I gave DMV a go tonight and only lasted 7 laps before I pulled the plug. The breathing deep wasn't going so well. Hopefully, things will improve by Saturday. I've had this for about 3 weeks and it getting very old.

We rode Bobsled last night. I haven't ridden it for about a year and a half and forgot how much fun it is. The top was had running water but the bottom was buff. The free-ride boys have been busy building stunts and jumps. I may have to borrow a Big Hit one day and get some air. I think the potential for an old guy to get seriously hurt is high enough to get the adrenalin flowing.

Dave won DMV again tonight. This time solo the last few laps. I'm not sure how he can pull off the win at DMV week after week. It's not like he sneaks up on anybody. He's wins about 75% of the time he races at DMV. It's like the Jazz pick and roll in Stockton and Malone's heyday. You knew it's coming, but there's not much you can do to stop it.

Finally, I was reminded tonight about how cool it is to just be out racing our bikes. There was a guy in the C or D flight tonight that clearly hadn't raced many times before. I watched him after I pulled the plug. He got dropped early but kept riding hard the entire race, alone. His wife and two little boys, about 4 and 6, were watching and yelling encouragement. The boys had no clue their Dad was no where near the front of the race. They just knew their Dad was racing his bike, was going really fast and is their hero. He was probably the biggest winner on the night. Pretty cool to watch and helped me remember why I do this. It's about participation more than results.


UtRider said...

I think you need some rest. A wise man (who happens to race with you on the dirt) once told me to wait 48 hours after you feel 100% again before doing any hard efforts. Or something along those lines. When you're not racing you're still riding with crazy fast guys. Maybe you should ride with me when you aren't feeling good to ensure you take it easy!

drrna said...

I saw you were promoted on the "Road Weenies" list ahead of Turbo. That's no mean accomplishment as he's allergic to dirt. I've slipped to third.