Thursday, December 25, 2008

2008 Top Ten

Since we procrastinated the mailing of Christmas Cards and letters, I'd thought I'd post it here. Merry Christmas.

Cottle Top Ten:
The top ten reasons 2008 was a memorable year for the Cottles.

10. Erin received an internship to work in a Washington DC Senate office in 2009.

9. Daren and Tanner successfully avoided Saturday chores by races bikes on 33 Saturdays and skiing on 10 more.

8. JoAnn began teaching rowdy 5 year olds at church because they needed someone to keep them in line. She instituted the magical motivational power of multicolored star stickers. 5 year olds will be on their best behavior to get a blue star.

7. Ashley continued to amaze all with her artistic prowess as she entered her 3nd year of Graphic Design studies at USU.

6. Tanner won many bike races and became one of Utah’s best junior Mountain Bike and Cyclocross racers. He also is officially faster than his dad.

5. Daren managed to finally win a Cyclocross State Championship. He benefited from being a “young guy” in the Masters 45+ category.

4. The Cottles had no major accidents, illnesses, property damage or permanent marks from their many activities.

3. We found a new dentist. A big deal for us due to Daren’s brother Doug selling his dental practice so he could find new ways to break bones in his retirement.

2. After 25 blissful years of marriage, Daren and JoAnn finally had a proper honeymoon on a beautiful, secluded beach.

1. The Cottles were reunited as a much-improved Erin returned home from her mission in Uruguay.

In 2009, may we all strive to behave well enough to earn a star on our foreheads.

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