Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nationals Day 1

We made it to KC in one piece. Other than the high winds of Wyoming, the biggest challenge was boredom. The winds were kind of crazy for the RV and trailer. I think Eric lost 10 years off his life expectancy.

The Utah compound at the race is a big improvement from last year. Having a place to change, warm up and hang out is a big advantage. There's also a bunch of cool bikes to look at.

It feels about 30 degrees warmer this year. No ice, snow or cutting wind. There was some snow on the ground a few days ago, so there's some moisture in the ground. The result is frozen and slick in the morning, get muddy as it gets warmer and drier a little late in the day. The course has some big elevation change and only a couple tricky spots. I like it.

Tanner was really good today in the under 30 B race. He went hard the first half of the race and was in 10th or 11th. He backed off the last two laps to save his legs for tomorrow but still finished 13th in a field of about 60. Kevin wasn't feeling too great and had to change bikes twice but managed 21st. I was debating how hard to go today but found myself in the top ten early in the race so I put in a good effort. I ended up 9th out of 102 and had a great time. I may pay for it tomorrow, but it was a lot of fun.

Tanner and I looked at this for 2 days.

I'm not sure Embassy Suites knew what they signed up for when they become the host hotel for a National Cross race.

We all took turns in the pits today.

I managed to race near the front the whole race.

Tanner at the start of his race.

Lou Rollins put in a strong defense of his 60 - 64 National Title from last year. His field was much bigger and faster than last year and he finished on the podium in 5th. Not bad for a guy who's only raced for 3 years.
Tomorrow should be fun racing with the big boys. Maybe I'll take out Tilford in the first corner.


Doug said...

Great update. I wish I was there with you. Good luck tomorrow!

MK said...

Nice work DC. Best of luck to all the UT racers! Keep us posted...