Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't get it

Tanner worked this summer to earn money to buy new powder skis. He put in a good effort and obsessed for weeks over which skis to purchase. He finally settled on K2 Pontoons and diligently shopped around for the best deal. The skis were purchased in the early fall and have been prominently displayed in his room ever since. Many hours have been spent admiring the mammoth skis as the excitement to use them built.

At long last, Alta had enough snow to break out the new boards Saturday. The conditions were not the greatest, but the skis were outstanding. Tanner couldn't stop smiling. I succumbed to the cold before noon and headed home but Tanner stayed on the mountain with a friend. In the early afternoon, they ducked into the upper lodge for a quick break and when they returned, the new skis were gone. Some lowlife had stolen them. While I know skis get stolen all the time, I still can't believe it happened to Tanner on the first day with his new skis.

After the initial sock and feelings of anger toward the thief wore off, I've had a sense of confusion and disappointment. I've tried to imagine how someone convinces themselves that walking off with someones expensive equipment is OK. I just can't understand it. Did someone steal them to sell them or to use them? Was he a bored, wealthy teenager looking for a thrill or a poor ski bum desperate for new equipment? Did he worry about getting caught or just knew how easy it would be? Does he feel any remorse? Does our culture of entitlement help people justify they deserve what others have? I don't know. All I do know is I have a really bummed out 16 year old.

Adding to my melancholy is the effects of 9 days of no exercise. I know a break is good for you, but I just feel worse each day. During this period, I've been very busy at work and have over-eaten at numerous holiday lunches and parties. I'm ready to get active again. That's probably the biggest benefit of a break. It makes me appreciate being active.


Bart G said...

Darren- what is your email?

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Bubba said...

Daren, that sucks! From someone that has had a few things stolen, including my fsr Specialized mtn bike and my Honda Civic, I can say that it is not cool.