Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've been a casual skier most of my life. However, Keeping up with Tanner the last few years has forced me to get better or stay home. For awhile, we've been wanting to ski Badly Chutes. It just never seems to be open when we're there. That all changed Saturday.

Tanner and I went on the Porcupine-Specialized / Canyon group ride in the morning. It was nice weather and a big group of about 30. Good times, but I was feeling my low-level cold so we turned for home after a couple hours. We got home around noon and Tanner's friend Brad sent a text saying "Baldy's open, get up here". So up we went.

There she is. A very pretty little bump.

After the 30 minute boot pack on tired legs, we were treated to spectacular views on a bluebird day.

Here's Brad and T with Superior in the background. (We hoped to not need the ski patrol sled.)

The initial drop in is a bit intimidating. Turns out, the intimidation is more visual than real. It was actually fun.

Brad smoothly ripped it.

There was still some soft snow. I failed picture taking and didn't get a good one of Tanner. However, he made the old man look, well old, and this picture did not do him Justice.
I was feeling a little wimpy for bailing on the Soldier Hollow skate race. However, after skate skiing and riding on Friday then riding and hiking/skiing on Saturday, I didn't feel as bad. I just need a little more practice on the skinny skis before my first public humiliation. Maybe next week. Sounds like conditions were perfect and I was happy to see Darrell had a good day. He deserves it.
The Academy Awards just ended. I just don't get why people get excited to watch self-adsorbed, pretentious millionaires congratulate year other on being just a little bit smarter, more compassionate, more talented, harder working and just plain better than the rest of us. Please. Most of these folks barely made it out of high school.
I'm looking forward to another busy week at work. I was hoping to get down South to ride before the St. George race, but it's not going to happen. I'm not complaining though. I'm grateful to have a job that keeps me busy and funds my play.
Finally, my back certainly feels all of its 46 years after a weekend like this one. Again, no real complaints here. It's not fractured like Eric's scapula. BMX will do that to you.


drrna said...

It's been about 10 years since I have skied Baldy. The main chute was always plenty of challenge for me, I have always been way impressed by guys who ski the Dogleg, and other gnarly routes off the top.

It looks like you can step into the parking lot from the top of Baldy, I'm jealous.

I always liked the feeling of total concentration when doing something like that. The mind does not generally wander. Good job, you're my hero this week, you made the right call by doing that instead of a silly nordic race.

Daren said...

Glad to hear I made a good call. Nothing like the fear of serious injury to keep you concentrated. As Doug Coombs says in Steep, "the closer you come to death, the more you feel alive". I do that in small, controlled ways.