Monday, February 02, 2009

United Belgians

The Cottle boys made it up to Deer Valley on tickets I was given by a friend. A good time was had by all on the groomers. It's actually an impressive that DV can groom that much snow each day.

Check out the new ski clothes. I fit right in at DV. They would have kicked me out with the old snowmobile coat.

In a sign that world peace is possible, the Belgians actually rode as a team to score a gold and bronze at the World Championships yesterday. I was actually kind of disappointed. Watching them fight each other is more fun. I watch the men's and women's race on and it was good fun. Albert was impressive. Katie Compton put in a hero's effort but got worked by two roadies. The course was basically a dirt crit. Pretty much every course we raced this year was more technical. I guess cross season is now officially over.
I've managed to avoid the trainer and any semblance of actual training for another week. I got in a few rides outside, some Nordic and Alpine skiing and some core work. Maybe I'll get excited about getting back at it this week. Then again, maybe not. I think the first MTB race will be ugly as I get dropped by everyone. I can live with that. Cross season is still a long way away.

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