Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Break Through

I am officially no longer the slowest skate skier in the world. Yes, after 8 outings on the skinny, edgeless wonders, I passed multiple skiers tonight and stayed with my buddy and teacher Ted. OK, I mostly stayed with Ted when he didn't go really fast, but it's still a victory. I'm even considering entering a XC race. I need a good whopping now that I'm getting cocky.


drrna said...

I saw your rig in the lot when I was leaving, but missed you on the course. I think it might be a few days before the track is good again, then we should have a go.

drrna said...

The 10K at soldier hollow (2/21) will be an absolute suffer-fest, a good introduction to the sport. Good training for the 20k the following week.