Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mid race update

I'm sitting in the parking lot of a park in Tooele. On a whim, I searched for a wireless network and what do you know, I found one. We are killing time in between the TT and circuit race at the Tour of Depot. The rain has held off so far and the temperature has not been too bad.

The TT this morning was a 9 mile adventure with a couple mile climb and decent. Tanner did well in his first real TT effort. He finished 8th in the a good Cat 4 field and was only 1 minute off the winning time. He averaged a little over 25 mph on a course not suited for junior gearing. Tanner was completely spun out on the decent and could have gone a little faster.

I haven't been feeling so great the last few days and it showed. My goal was to not be last in the 45+ and I reached it with a few spots to spare. I held off Dirk who started 30 seconds behind me until the last 2K, which was better than expected. Too bad I completely blew the last K and lost at least 30 seconds. Tanner reached his goal of smoking the old man by finishing a minute 23 faster than me.

Well, there are now rain drops on the windshield of the Element. I sure hope it doesn't rain hard in a couple of hours.

Sam Keirge and Chase Pinkam finished 1-2 in the Pro 1 2 field only a second apart. They both averaged just over 29 mph. I'm not sure how you can do that. They play a game with which I'm not familiar.

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