Sunday, April 05, 2009

Skiing, not racing

Rather than bike race, Mark and I made the trek to Snowbasin Saturday. It was a good choice and lots of fun. I hadn't skied the Basin in years and we explored most of it. The only down side was Snowbasin missed the Little Cottonwood big dump. There was some powder up high, but not much down low. I guess you can't have everything. On a true powder day, Snowbasin would be epic. For a dedicated Alta skier, the other refreshing aspect of Snowbasin was no lift lines at all. We pretty much had the place to ourselves.

It was good to get to know Mark better and gain another cycling friend. He's quickly picking up skiing and will be shredding like Tanner soon enough.

Sounds like the new Cholla course was great. I'll get it next year, assuming it's not snowing like this year. Mark and I stopped at Hell of the North on the way home and saw a lap of the P12 and Cat 3 race. Epic is all I have to say. The cross racer in me was a little jealous. Good job to Ali and Darrell on full cross rigs and tires. 1st and 3rd say a lot for the conditions. Sohmy had a solid 2nd in the P12 for the team.

I signed up for the Saturday portion of Tour of the Depot next week. I've never done a TT other than a couple Salt Aire's. Given my lack of fitness and time on the TT bike, I could be embarrassingly slow. However, Tanner's going to go nuts if he doesn't get some racing in, so we'll be spending the day out West.

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UtRider said...

Thanks again for the pass. That was a fun day!