Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tooele Part II

The rain held off for the circuit race and it was pretty uneventful. Tanner and my races were about the same. Lots of attacks, but the hill wasn't steep enough to split the group. In my case, this was good. In Tanner's case it was not good. I was able to comfortably hang on and pretty much avoided the front. Tanner drove the pace on the hill, but couldn't enough help to make it stick.

The finish was a slight downhill grade that resulted in a fast sprint finish. I was in very good position coming out of the last corner and gave it a go. However, my 50 x 12 wasn't close to enough gear. I spun out at 43 mph and finished 12th. Tanner was even more under geared. His junior 48 x 13 had him at about 150 rpm in the finish and kept him in 20th.

We had no crashes and a good time hanging out with our team and the Canyon Draper guys. Time well spent with my son.

Tanner in the Cat 4 group.

Me with the 45+. You can tell it's a Masters group because everyone has expensive carbon wheels.
Dave rocking the new team skinsuit on the TT bike. It seemed to be a hit and got lots of comments.

We even had the cool start ramp and countdown clock. A first for me and Tanner.

Makes you feel pro-like.

This is Tanner's wheel after RMR Tuesday in the oval. He managed to keep it upright after breaking two spokes in the rear D of the guy in front of him. Neither went down. A good show of riding by both.

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