Sunday, August 09, 2009


I made it out with the GC Connection crew yesterday for the first time in a while. It was a good time with Doug, Kim, Adam, Mindi, Russell, Tanner and Kim's friend Rick. We did Emigration and Big Mountain from Centerville. Just under 4.5 hours in total and 5,800 vertical on the Garmin. Here's the sad part, it was the longest ride of the year for me, by a wide margin. And I've been struggling to go fast in races, go figure.

The weather was October like. A vest and arm warmers were required on the way down off Big Mountain. I like it. If only if would stay this way for the next two months.

With no local racing, there were lots of racers in the canyons. We saw the Canyon Crew, a big group from the South end of the valley including Bryson, a bunch of Contender guys, Mike and the Porcupine Club Crew and also Fox motorpacing Norm. Lots of smiles and unusual friendliness, riders were almost MTB-like. Must have been the lack of oppressive heat.

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