Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Having Fun

Life's been pretty good lately. I'm finally feeling good enough to get in some quality training. Here's actually hope for the cross season. I did Clark's a couple of times with Mark the other day and bettered my time from last year both times up. It's a great time of the year to ride a bike.

Made to the TOU opening TT yesterday. Those guys are fast. The local fast Cat 1's held their own, but it puts its in perspective how fast the pro really are. Got to see a Kelly guy take dismount at about 35 mph right in front of us. Did not look like fun. Today, Chase Pinkam was very impressive making it in with the second group. Should be lots of fun this weekend at the races.

I figured I put in a picture of JoAnn, the most tolerant wife in the world.

We made it up Logan Canyon for some Camping last Friday. A fire is always a good thing.

Tanner looking all Lumber-Jacky.

We got rained on all night. Fortunately, we were in the new super-cool Easton XI2 tent. The production version will be available at retail next spring. Chris has done a great job with these and our new trekking poles.
Saturday, Tanner will be riding the Snowbird Hill Climb. The boy could do some serious damage.

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