Sunday, January 04, 2009

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day of fun. It started with a few laps at Alta. T and I decided to take advantage of the new snow and blue skies. So did every other skier in the valley. There were as many cars at Snowbird and Alta as I've ever seen. We looked down at Collins and Wildcat from the road to see HUGE lines. We were going to head back down the canyon but took a look at Albian Basin before we turned around. Surprisingly, no lines. So we spent a couple hours on Sugarloaf and Supreme. Thankfully, everyone stayed on the Collins side and we charged hard with no waiting.

We next headed over to Wheeler for the Last Call "not too serious" cross race. On the way over to Wheeler, we spotted this commuter riding a cross bike. I couldn't tell if he was a businessman, professor or book salesman. In any case, he looked fast.

To my surprise, he turned into Wheeler and joined our race before heading to work. Impressive.

Sadly, Blaze Rippington was unable to make the race this year due to injury. However, his long lost cousin from Tennessee, Bubba Rippington, made an appearance. Maybe they both will make it next year.
The course was packed snow with ice in spots. It was fun just trying to make it around the course without hitting the ground. Racing a cross bike without going deep in the pain cave was a refreshingly new experience.

After the race, we were off to RMR for the NASCAR themed Utah CX party. It was a good time and the costumes didn't disappoint. Tanner walked away with 3 cowbell awards: two silvers for his 2nd's in the State Championship and overall points and a cool Norwegian bell for Most Improved. Thanks again to Matt, Jon, Steve and crew for putting on the series. I had a great time and made more friends. Can't ask for more than that. There were over 750 individuals who did at least one race this year. How cool is that? 5 years ago, there probably weren't 750 people in the valley who knew what cyclocross is.

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