Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lack of Updates

I've been a slacker on the blog front. I've been slammed at work since I got back from the trade show as well as busy with Porcupine team stuff. I've also tried to get back to working out some. Too much to do and not enough available time.

No camo bikes this year at the trade show. Too bad. There were lots of Bubba's standing in line for autographs of TV personalities, especially Lee and Tiffany (well, not so much for Lee). Country singers Blake Sheldon and Miranda Lambert where also wandering the show. Lambert had over-weight guys in camo stalking her. Kind of funny to watch.

I've been trying to get in some skate skiing this week, but so far no luck. Maybe tomorrow night. Somehow, I haven't made it to the gym this week as well. I think lack of motivation will do that to you. I think Saturday holds a long road ride for me. I've been off the road bike long enough that I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm sure a few road rides will cure me of that. I'll be longing for riding dirt again.

I have been able to ride the moto to work a couple of times this week. My need for speed has been satisfied. Nothing wakes you up in the morning like dodging cars on the freeway at 70 mph in 25 degree weather.

Finally, Erin officially became an intern in Ted Kennedy's office this week. She's been assigned to foreign relations and veteran's issues. Her main job is responding to mail from constituents. She's quickly learning that staffers make Washington go round. She gets one day a week to attend hearings, other events on the Hill or explore political landmarks. She was able to in for some of Hilary Clinton's confirmation hearing. I think I saw her arm in the background on TV. She's loving it so far.

Ashley's Birthday is Saturday so she's coming home for the weekend. She will be a 21 year old officaly adult. I'm looking forward to having her home for a couple of days.

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