Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Trade Show

I'm off to the annual Archery Trade Association trade show in Indianapolis tomorrow through Saturday. 4 days of travel, lots of standing, walking and over-eating. I get to talk with lots of Bubbas and hear endless hunting stories. It is interesting to see all the new products and get a feel of how the industry is doing. Hunting tends to be a little recession resistant, but no one really has any clue how this year will turn out. Maybe I'll see more camo bikes this year. If so, I'll post some pictures. Last year, Pacific (GT, Schwinn and other brands) was showing a camo bike with a rack for your bow. I wonder if anyone bought one. Maybe Todd Wells picked one up before he moving to Specialized this week.

The good news is going out of town allows me to delay working out for another week. I'll probably feel guilty enough to venture into the hotel workout room at some point. However, 10 minutes on a Lifecycle will cure me of that desire. Last year, it was warm enough to run outside. Hopefully, it will be cold this year and I'll lose that desire as well. Does it sound like I needed a good break from training this year. I think so.

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