Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Golds and a Silver

A great day at the races for the Cottles and Porcupine Specialized. The team came away with 3 State Championships and a 2nd. Eric was the hero of the day winning the Single Speed then doubling up to win the A's State Championship by finishing 2nd to Idaho Sam. Eric was due for a big day and it came in spades. I'm really happy for him.

After flatting out of the 45+ State Championship race in the first minute last year, I'd been thinking about this race for a year. It couldn't have gone better for me. I got the hole shot and lead the entire race. I got a gap in the first technical section and just TT'd after that. I had good legs and built a pretty good lead by the end. Unfortunately, the Claw fatted on the first lap, so we couldn't battle. I have no illusion that I'm the fastest guy in the state over 45 (McKone, Glen A, Chris B, etc. didn't line up for the race), but I'll take the win. It's definitely the biggest win of my modest cycling career and is the culmination of many years of slow, steady progress.

The 45+ raced at the same time as the Men's B's (we started a minute after) so I got to kind of watch Tanner. He finally got a great start and was on the front early. He and Tyler Fought established a gap in the first lap or so and were gone. T put in a huge effort and pulled pretty much the entire race. Tyle make a really good move on the last log crossing just before the finish to get by Tanner for the win. T was pleased with the effort and not too disappointed. It was fun listening to Bruce and Gardie announce the race so I could hear how Tanner was doing. It was pretty cool to be part of a father / son duo having a good day.

I was pretty worked after the 45+, so I took a pass on the 35+ race. It was kind of fun to watch the guys I do battle with each week. The effort from all the guys was impressive.

T and I got to do the post race interviews.

I did the winners salute for Bob. Too bad the picture didn't turn out.

T on the front all day.

Finally, off to a good start.

Eric on (well, actually off) his SS. He and Eric Flynn had an epic battle that went to the line.

Eric and Sam Kreig were off together after some crashes behind them
I owe Bob a picture of him on my blog. Here you go. Have fun in Hawaii.

Kevin's always stylish. He had another strong race to finish 7th.

MK, Greg and Darrell were together the last bit of the race. The Doc looked good all day.

Art and Matt had to work to keep Iltis from catching them on the last couple of laps. The Train got the win.
Just 3 more races. Two in Utah and then Nationals. I can't wait.


Mike said...

I was just checking out your blog and I saw that you guys are all on some pretty dope tricross frames. Any chance you have an old 58cm tricross frame that you would be willing to sell for cheap? I am a beginning racer and I don't have much money, had to ask.

Daren said...


A good chance we could help you out. Please send me an e-mail at and I'll give you details.