Sunday, November 02, 2008

Questions Answered

As I write, my cross brethren are racing in true cross weather. It's raining and the wind chill is 38. We got home from church a little while ago and I miss racing with my buddies. However, with my head cold, it's better I'm not out getting soaked and chilled to the bone.

With rare exceptions, I decided long ago not to ride or race on Sundays in order to spend the day with my family. This is my personal decision and I don't look negatively on anyone who does ride on Sundays. However, taking one weekend day off from the bike works well for me and helps keep a little balance in my life.

My RMR questions were answered. First, we did get to race on the Motocross track. It took me back to youth spent on BXM and Dirt Bikes and I had a blast. I think you either loved the course or hated it. Not much middle ground on this one. The BMX / motorcycle guys really liked it, the pure roadies hated it. The only part I didn't like was the section through the rock parking lot. It was like riding deep sand but with more serious consequences if you crashed. I would venture to say more than 75% of all racers hit the dirt or rocks at some point. I'm happy to report I kept it upright and came home without spilling any blood.

Second, my health was just OK. I had a pretty good first third of the race, but my power went away about half the way through and I SUFFERED the last 20 minutes. I usually try really hard to not get lapped by Bart. However, I was very happy to see him coming by me in what turned out to be my last lap. I battled Scott for 4th but bobbled in the rocks near the finish and ended up 5th. I'll take it. I still have congestion today but I'm no worse than Saturday, so I should be good to go this week.

Tanner had a rough day. He good only a so-so start but was 4th by the end of the first lap. He then got a puncture that sealed but not before the tire lost nearly all it's air. So he had to ride about a full lap on a flat before he could change bikes. I pumped up the tire and he change bikes again, but he'd fallen way back in the 50+ guy field. To his credit, he battled back to 17th and was doing the same lap times as the leader.

One benefit of Tanner and I riding at different times, is we can take lots of pictures. Here's some for you viewing pleasure.
Scott Allen, me and John McKone on the steep hill.
Eric flying through the tunnel.

T going into the rocks.
T on the run-up before the steep hill.

Tanner in the lava rock parking lot.

One of the table tops.

The banked corner after the steep downhill. You could fly through this.

Bob's smiling. There's no smiling in cross racing.

Matt got the win again today in my group. He's really going good right now.
Bob, this is the face you should have.

See, Dave's is even better.

Bart gets the $100 1st lap prime from Madam Fox.

Through the rollers. The second one was the cause of some unplanned dismounts.

The A's through the whoops on the 1st lap.

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