Friday, October 31, 2008

RMR Questions

I have two big questions for RMR tomorrow. First, is my health. I've been under the weather this week and only did a little riding last night and today. Who knows how my body will respond to a hard effort. I could be recovered, rested and ready to rip or I could blow a lap in and go really slow. We'll see. I never know how good or bad my legs are until a lap or two in.

The second question is what will the course be like? Last year, the course was surprisingly fun. Team Rico and I broke off from the Specialized lunch ride today for some recon at RMR. Due to new structures and parked trailers and trucks, last year's exact course isn't possible. So, we'll see what Marek and the troops come up with. What would be really cool is to use part of the MX track. Hopefully, the streak of good courses will continue.

I guess the good news about missing Boulder is I didn't travel that far to wonder if I'm sick.

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