Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boulder - Not

I'm a detail oriented, analytical kind of guy. When it comes to races, I sweat the small stuff and try to be completely prepared. I register early, pre-plan all the logistics, get everything laid out well in advance and generally worry if I've forgotten anything important. Tanner and I decided some time ago that we were going to do at least one big out of state race prior to Nationals this year. We picked the Boulder weekend and have been all excited about it. There's no junior category for Tanner's age, so he was going to race in his adult category. He submitted an upgrade request to move to cat 3 for cross that was recently approved. Therefore, we was going to race in the big, fast cat 3 field.

Only one small problem. I just didn't get around to registering us until tonight. Turns out the cat 3 field limit has been reached for one of the two races and is closed. In addition, the races are ACA races not USA Cycling races, so you have to buy an ACA one day licence. The fine print in the registration states that all one day ACA licence holders will be staged at the back of the fields. Accordingly, we decided 7 hours of driving one way for Tanner to do one race from the back of a large field just wasn't worth the time and money. So much for being prepared all the time.

Know of any other good races outside of Utah? Portland doesn't work because it's the week before Nationals and we can't take that much time off from work and school in a two week period. Maybe something will come up.

I did my Redneck impersonation again yesterday. Made one last attempt at deer hunting with my bow. Check out my Redneck setup complete with camo bow, camo tripod and spotting scope. I had my camo hat on backward as I looked through the scope. It was impressive. It was a normal hunting experience for me. Looked at lots of animals, took some good pictures and no animals were harmed. I kind of like it best that way.

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