Thursday, October 09, 2008


Tanner's begging for readers on his blog so he'll have more than me to prove he's cooler. I'll use his apparent coolness to draw people to my blog. Here's a look at what becoming a bike racer and physically maturing a bit can do to a teen aged body.

Tanner October 2006 in one of his 1st cross races.
Tanner October 2007 in his first serious year of cross racing.

Tanner last week. He seems to have turned into a real bike racer.

Looks like Saturday will be another mud slinging race. I like it during the race, but I not looking forward to the clean up afterward. I just finished cleaning all the equipment from last week. In addition, I'm already cold just thinking about the post race shivers. I must be getting old. The horse race track at Heber get REALLY muddy, so bring all your power. At least I'll get to break out the Dugast mud tires.

Thinking about bike racing has been a good diversion to the meltdown of the financial markets. The academic in me is fascinated by the whole thing, but the pain ordinary people will feel for years is real. There's lots of blame to go around and it all boils down to greed. In fact, greed it is not good.

Even with all our economic problems, live is pretty good and I can't complain. Family, friends and doing some good in the world are what really matters.

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Doug said...

Great to see T's growth in life and on the bike. My retirement might be short lived, oh well.