Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Interval Fun

I needed to do threshold intervals today, but wasn't too excited about doing them on the road bike alone at lunch. So Tanner and I quickly laid out a cross course at the elementary school behind our house after work. We were able to make a 3 minute lap with lots of grass, barriers, off camber and a short run-up. For intervals, we basically did a couple 15 minute races. It was hard, but fun. Much better and more motivational than my normal road workout watching my bike computer's stop watch move very slowly as I suffer.

It was also good to get in a little skill work. I can't go to the cross clinic at Sugarhouse this week, so time on the grass is good.

I finally discovered www.svennys.com today. Some interesting comments from the big man on his blog and some good pictures.

Finally, was Gerosteiner just handing out CERA at the breakfast table. So much for a fundamental change for the better in the Euro race culture.

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