Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fast Crossing

We had a beautiful fall day in Ogden today. The new venue at the Weber County Fair Grounds was top notch and resulted in very fast racing. It was the most road-like cross racing I've ever done and a nice change. Tactics and drafting played a big part. I made the initial split with McKone and Sam, but didn't last long and ended up in the chase group of 4 to 8 depending on the lap. The field was loaded with fast old guys, so I was pleased with my eventual 5th place finish. If only I could have hung on to the lead two for a little longer....... My HR download showed I was at or above threshold 45 minutes of the race. Ouch.

Tanner had another great race and finished a very close 2nd. He got gaped in the last dirt section of the last lap by a local Pro MTB racer. I was proud of him. With a course so road-like, he did well. There was a lead group of ten plus that eventually whittled down to 4. They stayed together until the last couple of laps when T and the winner got a gap and held it.

Chris and Bart were off the front of the A's again. Bart bunny-hopped the big log stack to win. Those guys are fast. Eric dropped a chain, but battled back for 6th. Ben finished I think 7th in my group in his 2nd cross race. Impressive. Greg was right with me until a crash took him out. Bummer.

We took lots of pictures. Here's some of the best.

Some pro packing of the Element. 4 bikes, spare wheels, canopy and trainer.

The big B field. T's up there somewhere.
Tanner and his 3 breakaway mates.
My mad bunny-hopping skills.
Bob and his new bike looking a little concerned about the big logs.
Jens just looks fast.

Catching a ride on the A-train.

Chris and Bart.

Finally, its was good to have some of the local family at the race. Thanks guys. The encouragement helps.


StupidBike said...

may be slow, but my bike brings out the highlights on my team kit.

Daren said...

It is pretty.

neil said...

Here are some pics from the b race and masters 45+.