Saturday, November 29, 2008

That was Hard

Tanner and I seem destined to finish 6th at Wheeler this year. We both did it again today. The course was really fast and hard. Tanner got another great start and established the 6 man front group. Unfortunately, he went down a couple of times on the off-camber runup and was gaped off the lead 5. He gamely chased the rest of the race, but the course had too many fast sections for a solo rider to bridge to a good sized group. He was bummed, but put in a solid effort.

I was good off the line and followed Art and Matt into the first corners. Sam got around me and I could only hang about half a lap. I road solo for a while but Iltis, Mckone and Greg soon caught me and Iltis put the hurt on. Over the next couple of laps, Sam, McKone and I battled some, but then I had a spectacular washout near the pond. I fell hard on my upper back and after recovering a bit, road in alone for 6th. I dug deep and I'm feeling it tonight.

Art, Matt, Iltis, McKone, those guys can motor on the straights. It's impressive.

By the way, Cross is hard.


Mike said...

Nice finish! That course was fun!

MK said...

cross is hard! broken rib, torn shoulder, jammed thumb, and bruised hip over here. Should be ready to go by Saturday. Well...maybe.