Sunday, November 16, 2008


Another nice day for racing Saturday. Not true "cross" conditions, but I'm getting used to not having to clean my bike for hours and staying warm. Looks like we'll get more of the same this week.

The course was a classic Wheeler with all the features thrown in. Bart helped lay it out and had something for everyone. Tanner and I both finished a solid 6th place after battling in small groups for 5th - 7th. However, I started out with leaders but fell back a bit while Tanner was caught in a tangle at the start, was about 15th out of the gate (again) and worked his way back. He had a good battle with the brothers Glenn and just got nipped at the line for 5th by Kelly. Scott, Krachty and I had a good battle the last half of the race with Scott getting me just before the line.

The one sour note of the day was Dave's hard crash in the last lap that resulted in a broken clavicle. It's about the only thing that can keep the Hardman down.

I really enjoyed the competition and had pretty good legs. I would love to be just a hair faster to hang with Art and Matt the entire race, but I'm happy with how things are going. It makes me appreciate the times that I do make to the finish with them.

More pictures from a long day at the races.

Some of the crew waiting for the start.

T Man in the barriers.

Kelly just getting Tanner at the line.

Caveman had another solid result and an even better one today in Magna. Way to go Kevin!

After a year off from racing, Greg's slowly finding his form. (My back's looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.)

Dave going strong before his unplanned dismount.

Scott and I saw a lot of each other.

Ben's figuring out cross and getting better each race. When his skills catch up to his engine, we're in trouble. Dr. X was sporting the stylish DZ argyle leg warmers. Always good to have the Doc in the house.

More of Scott and me. This is just how we finished.
I'm looking forward to State Champs this week in Ogden. I'm planning to race the 45+ in the morning and then see if I have anything left for the 35+. I've never doubled at a cross race. I'm not sure it is a good idea.
Finally, good job to Eric and the Cutthroat crew for putting on an new race today. Sounds like it was a success.


StupidBike said...

What!?!?! No photos of me, well that is expected, due to how far back I was.

You racing twice saturday will do either;

1. Make it so I may be able to keep up with you
2. Give you an awesome warm up and course knowledge which will have you throttling me even more.

Daren said...

I'll be sure to get one of you up this week. If I do the double, I'll take my camera and take pictures during the race Fox style.