Thursday, March 05, 2009

Heading South

We're doing the quick trip to St. George for the first ICUP race. Leaving Friday after work and coming home Saturday night. More time in the car than on the bike. JoAnn and Ashley are leaving early Sunday for Washington to visit Erin so we have to get back.

I was hoping for 70 and sunny but looks like 50's and cloudy. Should be an interesting test. St. George is probably my favorite ICUP course because it's just fun to ride. However, my longer than normal break after cross season and general lack of motivation to train has me feeling less than confident. Dr. Cross tells me the Nega Coach method works, so we'll see. Sounds like the 40+ Expert group should be full of fast guys. The Vegas boys put the wood to us last year. Funny how no snow and warm temps all winter will do that.

The best part of the trip is seeing old race friends. That's what brings me back to MTB and cross races. If it weren't for the people, I'd have given up riding laps on the same courses each year long ago. You just don't get that feeling at crits or road races. I've been told the vibe is as good or better at XC ski races and triathlons. Someday I'll give both a try.

I am looking forward to watch Tanner from a distance. He's racing the big boys in the 19 - 29 Expert group as a 16 year old. I think he's going to surprise some people. He's had a good winter on the bike and is excited to race somebody. Unfortunately, I just received parts for his new bike today and won't have time to build it before we leave so he'll be on the old, sort of heavy hard tail. However, he's young and won't notice. You don't get to complain about your equipment until your a Master or you pay for it.

Next week should be lonely. Tanner and I ill be on our own with the girls in Washington. With any luck, we'll survive. The girls should have a great time. Through her work in Kennedy's office, Erin's been able to get them tickets to some good stuff. In Washington, it's who you know.

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