Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A very good day

My schedule finally allowed a morning off when the snow was good. A co-worker and I enjoyed 2 feet of new powder at Alta yesterday. Best powder day of the year for me. First tracks on High Rustler and Eagle's Nest. Always a good thing.

Now, if I can only figure out how to do it again Thursday or Friday. Too bad I haven't figured out how to get paid enough to just ski and ride. One can always dream.


UtRider said...

What skis are you using on deep days? I need to find something with more float (or maybe I just need to learn to ski deep snow...).

Daren said...

Tanner is using Bluehouse Districts that are about 110 underfoot. Great in the soft but are a stiff, big mountain ski. If you are an agressive skier, they are the ticket.

I'm on some old Salomon 1080 Guns. They are light, soft and about 98 underfoot. For me, the Guns are a great all around ski. Good float and very forgiving in the soft but servicable on hard snow.

I also have some K2 Outlaws that are good in everything. They are 93 underfoot so not as floaty in the soft as the Guns. However, they are stiffer than the Guns and better on the hard.

If I were to get something new, I think a 105 to 110 underfoot, all mountain ski is the way to go. Lots of options out there. Bluehouse is local and has killer pre-season sales on-line. My Guns and Outlaws are demo skies I got cheap in the summer. I also hear the TGR forum has lots of good stuff for sale now.

Good luck. It sucks to be at work today.

drrna said...

UT rider, I was just cleaning out my basement. I have some 210 Haute Routes, 210 Rossi SMs, 205 K2 TNCs, and a vast collection of "short", i.e. 200-205s. In that length, they provide plenty of float, although they might steepen the powder learning curve a touch.

Daren is much younger than me, more attuned to the state of the art. I'm still resisting the fat ski trend, but I will likely be assimilated in due course.