Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not what we planned

I went to Ogden Saturday for a funeral rather than race RMR. Doug's Mother-in-Law died this week after an incredible life of 95 years. Doug and Betty both spoke at the service and were excellent. I've known Betty's mom pretty much all of my life since she lived so close to our house.

After the funeral and graveside service, we decided to do a family ride. Brady was home from Oregon for the funeral, so Brady, Adam, Doug, Tanner and I set out in the raging wind. We rode the parkway for a while with one flat at Fort B. Unfortunately, Doug pick up a goat-head as well that we didn't notice. Once we got onto the open road, Doug's softening front tire gave way halfway around a corner and down he went. I couldn't stop in time and plowed into him. Like any good brother, rather than land on the hard ground I landed on him. The result was a broken rib for Doug and some road rash. With Doug skillfully breaking my fall, I had no damage.

Betty came out and picked up Doug and we decided to ride on. We fought the wind for the last hour and it wasn't much fun. It felt harder than racing the crit. The company was good, but not the best ride I've had. Sometimes the best intentions don't workout.


rich said...

sorry to hear about your loss and the crash. Yeah, Lisa and I road from our house up to lagoon saturday with a nice tail wind all the way. The whole time we were saying, "Ya know we're going to have to ride against a head wind the whole way back home" Man was it hard! I swear we rode 20 miles at 9 mph! Although, it may have been a great workout. Sunday we did about two hours on shoreline and was just as windy. You would think we have learned, But NOOOOO!


Bubba said...

the good company trumps the bad weather conditions.