Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend in Snow

I chose to make it a weekend in the snow.

Started by organizing the winter equipment in the garage with new shelving. It's now already to sit for 9 months.

Friday, we had a management meeting on the mountain. It's good to work for a company that makes snowshoes. We have to test them out from time to time. Thursday after work and Friday after the hike, I made it to White Pine for the last skate skiing of the year for me. I could finally ski 45 minutes at something other than threshold or above. There's hope for next season.

On Saturday, Tanner was rocking the Lumberjack flannel shirt. It was a fun day in the warm sun.

I broke out the skinny 8 year old Nordica's for the groomers. I had to throw some wax on and sand off the rust. They still make GS turns like a pro.

Bluehouse had a demo day in conjunction with the Powder Keg race (we just missed the awards and didn't get to talk with Bart). We hooked up with Kendall and I skied a few runs on the Districts (on the right). The waist is wider than the tips of the Nordicas. They are a super stable, big mountain ski that demand an aggressive skier. They make turning an optional activity on just about anything. Honestly, I'm not good enough to use their full potential. I ended the day on the 1080 Guns (on the left). Still probably my favorite ski.

Tanner talked me into jumping off the roof. It wasn't stylish, but I didn't hurt the house or me.

I'm am reminded again, that I have nothing but good choices. I'm extremely fortunate to live here, have the health and means to enjoy the mountains, have great family and friends to share them with and the most tolerant wife on earth.
Life presents difficult realities to deal with each day. Time in the mountains helps me keep it all in perspective and not just pull the covers over my head each morning.
Tanner and I have put off the 45 minutes of stress that is RMR long enough. We'll be out there Saturday helping Todd try to win. We actually have some B's on the team this year, so it should be more fun. The big question is, will Dave go undefeated this year?


drrna said...

Rumor is that Theresa is going to make me ski Saturday, so I might miss the RMR. I tried to ski my skinny 205s last year, it wasn't pretty so I'm afraid they're permanently retired.

Daren said...

Turns out I have a funeral Saturday, so I get to avoid RMR for another week. Have fun skiing.